Corten Steel

Corten steel forms a protective rust-like coating when exposed to the elements, giving it a desirable aesthetic. It develops a stable rust-like appearance through patina formation, which acts as a protective barrier against corrosion. Corten steel is popular for outdoor applications due to its durability and reduced maintenance needs. The patina's color changes over time based on environmental factors. Although it can rust in harsh conditions or if the protective layer is damaged, Corten steel maintains its structural integrity for an extended period.

Our screens, with their remarkable rust-like appearance, create a striking aesthetic that's timeless and distinct, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outdoor space. They're manufactured from the highest quality Corten steel, ensuring superior durability and resistance to the elements. At this time, we are complementing these screens with our black powder-coated posts. These posts, fashioned from robust metal and treated with a black powder coating, not only add to the overall aesthetic but ensure resilience against wear and tear, maintaining their polished appearance even in the most challenging conditions. Please note, while we are exploring expanding our color palette, currently the posts are only available in black. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for understanding!

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