Master outdoor comfort with TitanCover™

The TitanCover™ Louvred Pergola System represents the ultimate in strength, durability, and customization for outdoor shading solutions. Engineered to endure the harshest weather conditions, this system offers unparalleled protection, flexibility, and customized options for any outdoor space.


Engineered 6061 grade aluminum frame, guaranteeing durability and performance. 


The design allows for natural airflow to optimize movement of air within the space.

Water Sealed

Integrated gutter system channels water into posts, ensuring a dry outdoor space even during heavy downpours.

Add Ons

Additional accessories like fans, heaters and lighting can be seamlessly integrated to enhance your outdoor living experience.

Remote Controlled

The motors are remote-controlled, offering a variety of angle profiles and adjustment and zone control.

Reinforced Beams

Optional reinforced beams to create long spans and withstand heavy snow loads, ensuring the system can remain closed throughout winter.

Hurricane Resistant

Customizable to withstand hurricane-force winds, providing unmatched durability and safety.

Insulated Louvers

Our patented design, made from robust gauge aluminum with a hollow core, offers extra insulation against heat and cold.

Retractable Shade

Optional retractable shade system powered by Phantom Screens, providing additional sun protection and privacy.


Your products are chemically etched to enhance the bond of the powder coating. Our team electrostatically applies the powdercoat, followed by baking at over 400F for a durable finish. HIDEAWAY carefully selects powdercoat suppliers for uniformity, consistent adhesion, and UV resistance, ensuring lasting vibrancy in various climates.

Industry Leading Protection

The TitanCover™ System offers watertight shelter from extreme sunlight, heavy rain, and snow. Its advanced sealing technology ensures complete dryness and shields your space from UV rays, preventing sun damage to furniture and flooring.

Natural Ventilation Control

Adjust the louvers up to 120 degrees for full, unobstructed sunlight and an open, airy atmosphere. Perfect for sunny days, this feature seamlessly blends outdoor and indoor spaces.

Customizable Sunlight Angles

Easily adjust the louvers throughout the day to manage light and heat. Tilt them for soft, diffused light at sunset, enhancing ambiance and protecting from glare and heat.

Seamless Integration

The TitanCover™ System can be enhanced with other HIDEAWAY products like privacy screens and side panels. These additions offer increased functionality and aesthetic appeal, allowing you to fully customize your outdoor space.

Trusted Partners for Custom Accessories

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