Introducing LiteShade™ a Perfect Balance of Style and Function

Our versatile DIY solution for transforming outdoor spaces. This system perfectly balances aesthetic appeal with functional design, all at an accessible price point.


Engineered 6061 grade aluminum frame, guaranteeing durability and performance. 


The design allows for natural airflow to optimize movement of air within the space.

Reinforced Beams

Optional reinforced beams to create long spans and withstand heavy snow loads, ensuring the system can remain closed throughout winter.

Hurricane Resistant

Customizable to withstand hurricane-force winds, providing unmatched durability and safety.

Pair with Screens

Easily pair your pergola with HIDEAWAY privacy screens to customize your look, and increase privacy levels if needed. 

Increased Shade

Optional retractable shade system powered by Phantom Screens, providing additional sun protection and privacy.

Choose from a Cube, Rectangle, or Triangle frame design. Elevate functionality and aesthetic appeal with additional HIDEAWAY products, creating a truly unique and stylish outdoor area.

Slatted Pergola

Screen Pergola

Triangle Pergola


Your products are chemically etched to enhance the bond of the powder coating. Our team electrostatically applies the powdercoat, followed by baking at over 400F for a durable finish. HIDEAWAY carefully selects powdercoat suppliers for uniformity, consistent adhesion, and UV resistance, ensuring lasting vibrancy in various climates.

Versatile Screen Designs

Crafted from high-grade aluminum, our customizable screens and slats are designed to match any aesthetic preference and withstand the elements, ensuring they never rust. With elegant, customizable laser-cut designs, they add a touch of personalization and sophistication to your outdoor space.

Enduring Shade Slats

Our fixed slats, crafted from high-grade aluminum to ensure durability and resistance to rust, provide consistent shade and architectural interest. Designed for those seeking a permanent shading solution, these slats not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space but also offer long-lasting performance and reliability.

Seamless Integration

These pergolas are designed for easy assembly with pre-cut and pre-drilled components, ensuring quick setup. Enhance your LiteShade™ System with HIDEAWAY products like privacy screens and side panels for added functionality and aesthetic appeal. Each pergola includes an anchoring system, such as brackets or post anchors, to ensure stability and safety.