Decking Trends For 2022

Decking Trends For 2022
We know what you're thinking, "Can you guys be serious? Talking about building a deck and the snow is just starting to fly?" Just hear us out here. Thinking about decking is the last thing on your mind, but it's never too early to start planning for spring.

With the passing of the year, new home design trends come and go, and they can be hard to keep up. However, 2019 is shaping up to be about simplicity and using minimalist design trends. Outdoor decor design isn't exempt from the ever-changing design trends. Let's take a look at upcoming deck design and outdoor space trends for 2022.

Decking Trends for 2022
Minimalist is in.

minimalist decking

1: Minimalist Design

The old saying "Less is more" has never been more accurate with the most popular trends we see for 2019. The simple, clean lines and less bulk are a favourite for design and give you beautiful unobstructed views of your backyard and surroundings.

Having the focus directed to your lush garden or nature around your home, rather than a bulky, cumbersome deck or large railings. Going for the minimalistic look, thin metal railings, lighter wood finishes, or whitewashed/grey stains take the deck out of the spotlight and let your surroundings shine.

Old and new deck features

2: Old With New

Combining the old with the new is another trend that is popular with home designers over the last few years, and we've seen that spilling to deck designers. Using a rustic wood and modern, and the sleek metal finish makes for a retro meets modern look.

wood vs composite planks

3: Wood VS Composite?

That's the change we're seeing in the industry these days. Wood has been around for a long time, but it's starting to be overtaken by new composite boards. We all know how wood looks, feels, and acts over the years. Composite is the new kid on the block. The perks of using composite are it's genuinely maintenance free.

That is something that it's wooden brother can't say. Once you've installed a composite deck, it will last longer than wood, look stylish, and comes in a vast variety of styles and colours. You don't have to worry about sealing it, composite decking is dense and doesn't scratch or dent easily.

backyard deck accessoires
4: Accessories

When you normally think of backyard decking accessories typically just a barbeque comes to mind, and there's nothing wrong with that. The BBQ was made for the deck. Looking past the conventional idea of decking accessories, here are a few amazing ideas that will really pull your deck together.

Area Rugs. These are a wonderful way to pull together a room as well as your deck. Area rugs add a lot of style and personality to your space.

TV. This one fills the more common accessory for your deck, but it's often overlooked and forgotten. It's always nice to have a late night movie on a nice warm summer night with some friends and family.

Ceiling Fans. Now we're thinking outside the box. Have an enclosed deck or a pergola? Adding a ceiling fan will help keep your entertaining space nice and cool on those hot summer days and nights.

Even though it's frigid right now, dreaming of your new 2022 deck isn't out of the question. Now that you've read about upcoming deck trends, and are excited to see what deck you can design.

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